Terms and Conditions

Masters Trading Academy Terms and conditions

The acronym for this company and this website is MTA which refers to the MastersTradingAcademy and or MastersTradingAcademy.com and the terms us/we/our/mentor/mentors/this service and coaches refer to MastersTradingAcademy.com and their owners or employees.
You, your, members, student, client, trader and/or user refers to anyone using this service and this website; MastersTradingAcademy.com. By using this website, MastersTradingAcademy.com, you agree to all of the terms and conditions disclosed here.
The terms and conditions can be changed and/or updated at any time and therefore, you should always stay updated and read the Terms and conditions that is disclosed here on this website/page.
By using this website and the services offered here at MTA, you agree to all the terms and conditions published here on this page.
MTA is NOT an exchange nor a broker and not responsible for any market movements, order executions, quotes, exchanges and brokers, dealers and/or regulators. MTA, their coaches, mentors, employees, affiliates and their students
are not liable for any losses incurred from trading financial instruments. You hereby agree that you are at least 18 years of age.  


Investment Advice Liability

You are solely responsible for any losses incurred in your trading account. Investment advice, forecasts and trade ideas are based on our analysis and are never 100% correct.
If you decide to execute a trade, a signal or a trading setup shared during a webinar, inside a chat room or by any of the MTA coaches OR members,
you are fully responsible for any losses incurred. Losses in a funded by MTA live account have different terms and conditions covered below.


MTA Education Liability

The education offered by us, MTA, is knowledge and trading strategies gained from years of trading and studying. We offer our own unique strategies and experiences.
It shall therefore be solely viewed as our opinion and you understand that we are not licensed financial advisors.

MTA Testimonials – How to Verify them
The testimonials we have linked to or shared on our website are genuine and come from real traders that we have helped throughout the many years of
being involved in trading and even through private coaching. You can find our years of work and guidance in various forms such as articles published on
various websites (BinaryOptions.net* & Thatsucks.com* -and others – Author: Okane) and especially our work of
leading traders towards the understanding of price action trading/naked charting in the trading journal/war room at CommuniTraders forum* and on our YouTube channel CommuniTraders Live operated by Okane. Many of our
students were helped before MastersTradingAcademy was stablished and as a new service, we are using their testimonials. These students are current members of MTA and have experience learning from us.
Simply check their join date in their profiles and their trading diary and their engagement with the coaches to track their journey and verify that they are real people. The CommuniTradres Skype Group
is the name of the service we offered before transitioning into Masters Trading Academy and most of those people are with us on Discord for the MTA. 

* CommuniTraders forum, Binary Options net and Thatsucks are all third party websites and they are not affiliated with and not liable for any services offered at Masters Trading Academy. Please note that CommuniTraders forum closed sometime back.

You Shall Not do any of the following inside the MTA chat rooms:

Advertise or spam.
Link to third party websites other than allowed list of urls as pinned messages in the respective room refer to.
Promote any brokers.
Promote any strategies or indicators other than provided by MTA.
Promote any services.
Attack or abuse other members.
Discuss non-trading related topics other than in the allowed chat room.**
Do not act as a teacher/mentor

What you can/shall share inside the MTA Live Trading Room:
You can ask questions about different assets for trading tips
You can share your trade ideas with fellow traders

MastersTradingAcademy is a Price Action Based Service and we will therefore not comment
on indicators, systems and messy charts. Our opinions are based off of naked charts, price action and volume.

Not respecting the above rules could lead to a permanent ban from Masters Trading Academy.  

Master Trader Label

The Master Trader label is meant to describe the level of quality of training and experience a student has gained.
It does not mean that you will be a certified and licensed broker. It is solely used for measuring your “in house” (read in company/by MTA standards) knowledge and whether you can qualify for accessing a live and funded trading account or not. 

Master Trader Requirements:
To be qualified as a Master Trader you need to:
A. Be a student of Masters Trading Academy for at least 6 months
B. Pass the knowledge tests and quizzes for each mentorship level:
Phase 1 – Phase 2 – Phase 3 – Phase 4 and Phase 5.

And furthermore, you must:
C. Use Myfxbook to trade virtual money (demo account) successfully* for at least 3 months
D. Only use one MYfxbook account which is monitored by your coaches
E. Not skip the education for a period longer than 30 days* in a row during the required 3 month demo
period prior to starting your live trading account. This is to keep your education and skills fresh
F. Setup a personal trading goal with your coaches
G. Agree to trade according to the plan and requirements of MTA
H. Pass the three month LIVE funded 250$/500$ account trial successfully*

Successfully traded account*: What is viewed as “successful trading” is dependent on how you trade.
For example, a very aggressive money management is not approved as successful even if the net result of the demo account is plus. A complete plan will be given to you by your coach and MTA, you only need to follow it.

However, even a small amount of profit can be viewed as successful if proper money management and trading methods are used according to those plans provided to you by MTA.
You will learn all the requirements before you start trading your demo account/Live account and you can always consult your coaches during this period and throughout your education.

30 day pause* you can always ask your coaches in case of emergency or the need for longer pause for vacation or other reasons such as family or medical issues.
We will do our best to work out the best solution to give you a longer time off.


Additional Qualification Trials

The first time you are provided with the LIVE and funded 250$ or 500$ account (exclusive your own deposit of 700-900$), you have to prove yourself (see above, under Master Trader requirements: point “H. Pass the three month Live funded 500/1000$ account trial successfully”). The trial period is normally 3 months (changes may apply). If losses reach 10% of the total funds provided to you, you need to consult with your coach and you may be required for re-evaluation and another period of demo trading. This evaluation is completely free and if successfully completed, you may start trading another live account with an amount decided by MTA.  Rules:

  • Don’t lose >10% of the total funds provided to you by MTA. For larger funded accounts, see full list of stop limits below, under “MTA commissions on earnings and stop limitations”.

  • If, during a three month period, you cannot recoup the lost amount, you have to consult one of your coaches to make up a new plan on how to proceed next.

  • MTA has the rights to cancel and withdraw your funded live account if we consider continued trading a risk to loss of MTA’s funds. The student will however be given chances to learn and educate more for future trials.

  • Generate profits on the LIVE 250-500$ funded account for at least 3 months

  • Show that you can maintain the trading plans (money management, risk management, strategies and other goals) given to you by MTA and your coaches

  • Remain in touch with MTA and your coach regarding your progress




Becoming and Remaining a Qualified Master Trader

If you however successfully pass the LIVE funded 250/500$ account trial, you can be funded by a larger amount to trade. Masters Trading Academy has the rights to, at our sole discretion, adjust the amount of funds provided to you, the student/Master Trader.

Master Trader Failure

As a Master Trader handling funded accounts provided by us, MTA, and having access to Masters Trading Academy, you must follow the rules, instructions and goals provided by MTA and your coaches. Failure to do so can result in being disqualified as a Master Trader.
If your funded account has incurred major losses due to bad habits, mistreatment, lack of money management and reasons viewed as harmful by us, MTA and your coaches, you may:

  • Need to get re-evaluated and make up a “rehabilitation plan” before you get to trade a LIVE funded account again

  • If this happens more than once, and the Master Trader requires additional evaluations, a fee will be charged AND for each subsequent re-evaluation requested/needed by the trader for getting approved and qualified again for the LIVE funded account.

  • The fee is set to 49$ per new trial and is paid if the trader/student wishes to go through with the trial to get approved for a new LIVE account.

  • Your subscription fee to MTA however remains free of charge so long as you have been qualified as Master Trader once before and have paid your mentorship fees.

  • You may apply for as many new trial attempts as you wish so long as the fee for each trial (49$) is paid.

Master Trader – Level of Funds, Earnings, Commissions and Fees

A student who has qualified as a Master Trader no longer needs to pay subscription fees to remain a member of Masters Trading Academy. You are now a member of the team and your knowledge is of value to us.
The better your progress is on your live and funded account, the more we may fund your account. In addition, your commissions from the earnings will be increased the
more funds you trade. How much you will be funded with and our commissions is determined at our sole discretion and can be different from trader to trader.

NOTICE: the commissions and fees discussed here in this section are NOT the commissions and fees which the broker will charge.
To learn about the fees and commissions charged by a broker, you must refer to the broker’s website and THEIR terms and conditions. MTA is not responsible for your broker fees. Only brokers that are chosen by MTA can be funded with MTA capital.



Masters Trading Academy and Conflict of Interest Policy

Masters Trading Academy is NOT affiliated with any brokers and does not earn commissions from them. Therefore, we do NOT require a broker deposit for joining our services. Our commissions are only earned from your trading and the only money deposited is the MTA Company funds. Therefore, it is not in MTA’s best interest to be affiliated with any brokers. As a result, we do not have any conflicts of interest with our clients.


MTA Commissions on earnings and Stop Limitations

A funded account holder (Master Trader) is due to pay commissions on earnings to MTA, MastersTradingAcademy.com. Please understand that MastersTradingAcademy can at any time change the below mentioned rates and percentages and amounts based on your performance, available funds and other factors.

Commission structure is as follows:
Depeneds on he broker's PAMM/MAM programme. 


Fund Accumulation and withdrawal

Both you and MTA have the right to opt NOT to withdraw profits in order to accumulate the funds in the live account provided by MTA to you.

Example 1: You trade a funded 5000$ account and earn 1000$. You and MTA opt not to withdraw. Therefore, you can trade with the 5000 + 1000 account which accumulates into a 6000$ account.

Example 2:  You trade a funded 5000$ account and earn 1000$. You wish to withdraw but MTA opts not to.
Therefore, you will be able to withdraw your % of the earnings: 60% of 1000$ = 600$ and continue trading with now remaining 5400$.
As a result, next time you wish to withdraw an amount, you must deduct the 400$ before multiplying by the, in this case 60%.
Example: the 5400$ account has reached to 7000$ and you wish to withdraw 2000$. Then (2000 – 400) x 0.60 = your earnings.
Same rules apply if the roles are switched and you opt not to withdraw but MTA wished to do so.

The base amount funded to you is NOT withdrawable – only the profits are.

Payment Policy

Since the company, MastersTradingAcademy funds your live trading account, we are also in charge of processing your withdrawals. Currently, all withdrawals can only be sent to C.C or your Paypal account. 

Client and MTA Joint Accounts

In an event where a student/Master Trader wishes to add their own funds to the live funded account provided by MTA, a new commission structure must be decided on.
The student must consult his coach and come up on a new agreement. It is at MTA’s sole discretion to decline such a request without giving any reasons.

Invite a Friend Reward

How to earn the Invite a Friend Reward:

*Any student of Masters Trading Academy can invite other people or their friends to join our service. The invited client must not already be registered with MTA. When the invited client signs up with MTA, he will be offered the “Invite a Friend Reward”.
Both students will now benefit from the “Invite a Friend Reward”.
The reward depends on your current pay plan and what pay plan the invited person chooses.

Example: You join the mentorship program for the 999$ fee and later invite your friend to join the same program. Therefore, thanks to inviting your friend, he/she pays 949$ and you are rewarded with 50$, hence also reducing your original free from 999 to 949$.

- For Master Students who no longer pay subscription fees to MTA, there is another special offer for inviting or referring people/friends to MTA. Discuss with your
coach/mentor for more information.

Contest Rewards and Prizes

At times, contests and competitions will be held which students of MTA get to participate in. The rewards will differ from time to time.
Different rules may apply to different types of contests and different prizes may be included. Not all prizes are money prizes and not everyone will be eligible for prizes.
Cheating will result in a ban from further contests and competitions. The rules will be explained to you when a contest/competition is due.
Furthermore, not everyone is eligible for joining a contest or competition. Some contests and competitions may only be available for beginners, new members, non-members,
or advanced, intermediate or Master Traders. Some competitions maybe inter or intra-group. The exact rules and terms for any competition held will always be shared before the contest starts.

Three Day Trial

Masters Trading Academy does offer a three day period trial. You are only required to leave your email address and a name.
Your information will not be sold or shared publically. In addition, we will not spam your email and you may opt not to get any further emails from us.
What the three day trial includes will differ from period to period. This offer is meant to show you the inside of the academy and get you familiar with what we do
and who we are but also how things are done and access to the live trading room. You will however NOT get access to our school nor a funded account.  

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Masters Trading Academy offers knowledge and experience and therefore, it’s not something you can return for a refund. We do however offer the trial days mentioned above.
Some subscriptions MAY BE recurring - IF that is the case; you can cancel your recurring subscription to Masters Trading Academy at any time but latest 30 calendar days before the last subscription period ends.
For example, you opted for the monthly subscription in January 1th and in February you wish to abort your subscription. Therefore, you will not be charged in March but only pay for February.

MTA Service Warranty

The company, MTA and their coaches cannot guarantee that you will become a successful and funded trader. Whether you will manage to become
a funded trader or not depends on your performance.

Furthermore, the company, MTA and their coaches reserve the right to deny service to anyone as deemed necessary.

The service provided by MTA and their coaches is active Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays of every week and during bank days. MTA and their coaches do not
work on Fridays, Weekends and holidays. Bear in mind that markets are closed or that the market may act in a “unusual” manner during bank holidays and therefore,
MTA and their coaches reserve the rights to NOT engage in trading or educational activities during such holidays.

The MTA chat rooms are however open and accessible even when the markets are closed.
The MTA is not to be held liable for any technical issues that may result in the service being down or inoperative.
Therefore, the MTA cannot guarantee a non-interrupted service.

Pricing and Subscription offers

The future prices and subscription offers may change from time to time. Your current subscription fee will however not be changed DURING the period agreed on.
You will be notified beforehand if price changes will affect your subscription.  

Upgrading Subscription

You can at any time upgrade your subscription. Just speak to a mentor or email us.  


Tax Policy and Liability

The client, the student/trader is responsible to pay the required taxes in his/her country of residence. We are not legal tax advisors and cannot answer any questions
regarding taxation. It is therefore your sole responsibility to acquire the information from your own local tax office.

MTA Copyright Agreement

All material such as videos, forecasts, educational material, trading tips and images on the MastersTradingAcademy.com website but also in the MastersTradingAcademy Discord server and its subsequent channels belong to MTA and should not be shared outside of its Discord channel. The user/student has the right to use such shared material inside the MastersTradingAcademy server and channels and on the MastersTradingAcademy.com website only.

Client Information Policy - GDPR

MastersTradingAcademy may collect your name, email address and information on your location. We may also use cookies to improve our service and therefore collect additional information. However, MastersTradingAcademy does not share your information with a third party and we do not sell your information. All your information is solely used for us to serve you, the visitor of this page, better and offer you a better service.



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Risk Warning: Trading Forex, Stocks, CFD’s or any other instruments or derivatives always carry high levels of risk and you may lose your entire capital. All the advice and information on this website is meant to be used for trading accounts that are funded by Masters Trading Academy only. Therefore, you are solely responsible for any losses incurred to your own personal funds. By using and or accessing this website, you ensure that you fully acknowledge all the risks involved and that Masters Trading Academy is not liable for any losses of funds.

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