Meet The Team

Hamid "Okane" Shanbe 

Co-founder, Trader and Mentor

  • Lives: Sweden

  • Likes: Working out, Cats, Movies

  • Language: English & Swedish

Ingmar Nieuwold

Co-founder, Trader and Mentor

  • Lives: France

  • Likes: calisthenics & Martial Arts

  • Language: Dutch, English, French
    & German

Patrick Moore

Co-founder, Trader and Mentor

  • Lives: Barbados

  • Likes: Sports and Movies

  • Language: English




Hamid, mostly known as Okane in the trading communities such as CommuniTraders and, YouTube and on social media, became interested in trading when he was studying engineering at the university and got a part time job at a bank. After his studies, he decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a trader and in mid-2013, he became a member of CommuniTraders. He spent years trying out various strategies and he even reviewed many Forex and Binary Options strategies and Indicators. The more indicators and strategies he reviewed, the more he realized something was missing. The epiphany came when he changed focus to price action trading and realized there were certain patterns on the charts that could not be neglected in order to trade with a high success rate. Since then, to prove his new style of trading is accurate and effective, he has uploaded numerous forecast videos on his YouTube channel where viewers have been able to follow him and have a peek at how effective it can be to read the charts with focus on price and the candlesticks rather than indicators.


Examples of accurate forecasts and price action analysis here in this playlist.

He has also been helping many traders in the CommuniTraders forum, especially the Members War Room. Moreover, Okane has many years of experience helping beginners in his Skype group which now has come to grow into Masters Trading Academy with the help of his new team, Ingmar and Patrick which you can read about below!  



Ingmar is a supply and demand trader, investor and mentor. He dedicated years studying the market during which he tried many strategies. Before picking up trading, he ran his own consultancy business for leadership and organisational change for more than 10 years and he co-founded a million dollar project in Rwanda to combat malaria. 

In 2016 Ingmar decided to make trading and investing his primary business.
After spending a lot of his time learning, practicing, losing a lot or gaining just enough to break even he arrived at the Wyckoff method for trading and investing. This drastically improved his technical analysis.

Over the course of time studying Wyckoff, which he still does, he also educated himself on fundamental analysis of the market but uses it solely to complement his technical skills. 

Ingmar believes we should strive to improve ourselves constantly wether it be mental, intellectual, physical or emotional. These elements all play a part in trading and investing. 

His life revolves around his family, travelling, martial arts, calisthenics and healthy food.
These all helped him become the professional trader he is today and keep improving himself as a person.



Patrick is also an engineer and just like an engineer, his mind is always trying to solve problems. Therefore, when he discovered trading, he realized he needed to take the educational path and gather as much information as possible. This path led him to Okane and Ingmar where he grew his passion for Price Action trading, Wyckoff and Harmonic patterns.

Ever since Patrick gained his trading skills, he became one of the key contributors in the CommuniTraders forum and the Skype group where he frequently shares his analysis which are mainly focused on trending and reversal trading opportunities.

He is an advocate of “smart money” trading and wants his fellow traders to be “wholesale” traders and be on the profitable side of the market. Patrick provides analysis for both day and swing-trading opportunities, strategies and money management techniques.

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